Vice President & Treasurer

Frank Theis


Dawn James

Career: Motorola Solutions, ADP, Northrop Grumman, Dell Computers, Motorola Semiconductor.

Non-Profit: Vice President Estes Valley Watershed. President Fall River Estates HOA. Vice President / Editor, Harley Owners Group. Water District 17.


 Born and raised in Kansas City, my first experience in Colorado was working summers in Vail as a teenager.  I worked construction labor jobs and one summer as a sherpa for Outward Bound in the Gore Range.  I learned to rock climb, had a bad fall, and I don’t like heights to this day. 

Board Member

Celeste Fraser


Jim Daugherty 

Career:  I wanted to be a writer, of what, I didn’t know.  I found my passion when I worked for Scott, Foresman & Co. as an editor in the social studies department.  It was there that I found geography, a fascinating field that investigates how multiple sciences intersect on the land--geology, meteorology, botany, biology, and demographics.  After years at Scott, Foresman, I became a geography textbook author for Prentice Hall, part of Pearson Education, and also for Rand McNally. After starting a family, I worked as an Educator and Exhibit Developer at Chicago Children’s Museum.  Later, I started my own company, WhereAbouts, Inc., taking our 20’ inflatable globe to K-12 students all over the country. Inside the globe, we taught “The Whys of Geography,” why the world looks and functions as it does. ​

Nonprofit Experience

Non-Profit Experience: I served as Vice President of the National Council for Geography Education and also as President of the Geographic Society of Chicago.  Here in Estes Park, I was Vice President of the Estes Park Learning Place and on the Board of the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition. I also volunteer at the Library as a shelver, tutor, and homework helper, and am a Senior Partner for Partners Mentoring Youth.  

Certification & Awards: Long ago, I was a certified secondary teacher.  For the creation of my Giant Floor Map Kit, an 11’ x 14’ two-layered U.S. map (political and physical), I received a GEM Award from the National Council for Geography Education, “Geography Excellence in Media.”

Education: B.A. & M.A. University of Colorado

​Watershed: Fish Creek

​Interests: Interests: I love hiking with friends and family, and with Teddy, my border collie.  I’m also a gardener who is trying to create a perennial flower garden in steep, rocky soil, but in reality, I’m creating a buffet for voles, chipmunks, deer, and elk.  My husband and I are world travelers with many places remaining on our bucket list.

Career: Consultant, Thorn Creek Basin Sanitary District.

Non-Profit: IL Association of Waste Water Pollution Agencies, IL Association of Water Pollution, Control Operators, Central States Water Pollution Control Association, Water Environment Federation.

Experience: General Manager, Chief Engineer, District Engineer. 

Certifications & Awards:
Plant Operations, Radebaugh Award, William D. Hatfield Award, Rotarian of the Year, Operator of the Year. 

Watershed: At Large



Career experience: Construction, stormwater management, regulations and permits, accounting, site engineering.

Education & Certifications: B.S. Building Construction, Texas A&M University;  M.S. Civil Engineering and M. Environmental Planning, University of Virginia; Master thesis addressed stormwater detention. Engineer-in-Training (EIT) credential since 2010.

Board Experience and Voluntarism:
PEO (supporting education and scholarships for women worldwide), Center City (downtown redevelopment advocacy), Share the Road (motorcycle/bicycle/pedestrian advocacy).
Here and now in Estes Park,
I am committed to social and civic engagement:  Usually weekly, I attend an event or meeting such as Town Board, Planning Commission, Housing Authority, American Legion, League of Women Voters, Library Friends & Foundation, Newcomers.

I first connected with the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition in July after spotting a newspaper invite for the public to tour of some of its projects. My inspiration for supporting its mission and work is based on my technical understanding that runoff management should match natural systems as closely as possible. My aspiration is to serve the coalition through project management, facility maintenance, and stormwater issues coordination. 

Current building project:
Constructing a tiny house on wheels—see it on Pine River Lane where I’m currently installing cedar siding. Inspired by a sustained interest in residential building techniques, I also aspire to help create affordable housing.

Backstory & interests:
Married 26 years, daughter at Colorado School of Mines. Obsessive homemaker who enjoys masterminding and carrying out complex plans for seasonal menus, meal preparation, and housekeeping tasks. Regular in group fitness classes. Lifelong runner, skier, hiker, bicycler, trekker.

                                            E pluribus unum.
                                         "Wag more. Bark less."

About: I grew up in a mining town in southeastern Missouri, but took family driving trips out west while growing up.  When I was 15, my Dad let me drive on a wide-open stretch of lonesome road in western Colorado, and I was hooked.  I attended CU and remained in Boulder for years afterward. Jobs took my husband and me to the Chicago area, but we were determined to get back to Colorado sooner or later.  Turns out it was later, much later, when we resettled in Estes Park after retirement.

Board Biographies

Experience: Computer Information Systems, Marketing, Psychology, Water Districts.

Certifications & Awards: Project, Team Management. ESRI ArcGIS.

​Watershed: Fall River

​Interests: Riding my Harley with my partner Shelly to see as many monuments in the USA as possible.

Passion: Estes Park has given me 19 years in paradise. It's time to give back to the community & restore the Estes Valley Watershed to it's former glory.

Career & Experience: My career spans over 30 years of engineering and supply chain roles while employed by GM, UPS, Whirlpool, and Honeywell.  In 2016 I decided to leave the corporate world and start up my own consulting business, Process Interventions LLC, a consulting service that optimizes small to mid-sized companies in various industries. Helping small to large organizations or working with entrepreneurs to business executives my passion is to help elevate organizations and provide them the tools to run more efficiently.  My background touches supply chain, health-safety-environment & sustainability, design engineering, warehouse, manufacturing organization, and now non-profits.

Education & Certifications:  B.S. from Kettering University, formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute, in Industrial Engineering and Material & Logistics Management, and a dual certified Six Sigma Black Belt. 

Non-profit:  Prior to assuming the role as President of the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition, I represented Estes Valley Watershed Coalition as the Fish Creek Watershed representative.

Watershed:  Fish Creek

Interests:  Cooking; hiking; photography; traveling.  Someday…geology, pottery, and painting.

Passion:  My passion is to explore and find new adventures at every turn and never stop learning about what surrounds us.

 “Every adventure is worthwhile.”


As a 20-year resident of Estes Park, I’ve gotten to know all types of people that make up our community – workers, business owners, public employees, and many retirees.  All together, we make up a great community that shares a love of the natural world and the beautiful mountain valley we live inCareer: Consultant, Thorn Creek Basin Sanitary District.

Career: After many years in college and two degrees (paid for by playing in rock bands), I pursued a career in land planning and architectural design in Kansas City, Missouri.  Until 1993, I was the managing partner of an architecture & planning firm which specialized in designing parks & recreation facilities, including zoos, community centers, and botanical gardens. 

In the 1990’s I moved away from the world of nice suits, traveling constantly, and consulting on projects all over the country.  I moved into the world of blue jeans, managing large design & construction projects, and spending more time with my three great kids. 

In June, 1999, my development company bought Mary’s Lake Lodge in Estes Park. The historic Lodge had been abandoned for over twenty years and had to be totally renovated.  I was the managing partner of the Lodge for three years after its re-opening, during which time I learned more than I ever wanted to know about the accommodations and restaurant businesses. 

Non-Profit Experience:  In Estes Park I have served on the Board of The Elkhorn Project, which submitted, with the Town of Estes Park, a Regional Tourism Act application to the State for a 65-acre ski-park and cultural center at the Elkhorn Lodge.  I am a founding member of the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition, and currently Treasurer. 

I have also served the community as a member of the Trails Committee of the Estes Valley Recreation District, a member of the Estes Valley Fire Services Task Force, a member of the Town of Estes Park’s Transportation Visioning Committee, President of The Estes Valley Fire Protection District Board, and currently as a member of the Estes Valley Planning Commission. 

Watershed: Fish Creek 

Interests:  Music, architecture, workforce housing, wildlife conservation, climate change, and my dog.

​                “Water isn’t a resource, it’s the source of life"

Board Member

Marcus Snyder

Board Member

Jennifer Waters, EIT

About: Having grown up in the mid-west, my husband and I immediately fell in love with the mountains when we moved to Colorado in 2007.  We relocated to Estes Park from Colorado Springs to be a part of the Estes Park mountain community and we hope to retire here to continue our lifelong adventure.

About:  Native Texan of the High Plains moved to Estes Park in June 2018. We’re here in our one, only and final base camp for adventure and engagement with a beloved community