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Estes Park High School Students clean-up debris along the Fish Creek Corridor Sept. 2016

Actual $53,304

2018 - 2019

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Why Donate?

The Estes Valley Watershed Coalition will engage and enable citizens of the Estes Valley to achieve attractive, safe and ecologically healthy watersheds which are resilient in design ensuring strong recovery from fluctuating water levels and which contribute to the beauty and benefits of the Estes Valley’s natural resources.

To accomplish this, EVWC relies on contributions from generous individuals like you. The gift you give today will help continue to achieve our vision and make a positive impact into the future. Thank you for any donation you can give, and remember that all donations are tax deductible.

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Reasons To Give

  • Celebrate your special event, anniversary, birthday or honor a loved one in the Estes Valley.
  • Give the gift to a special person you know who loves the Estes Valley.
  • Create a new or renew your membership.
  • Partner in a special EVWC project in your Community.
  • Make a remembrance contribution.
  • Friend of Estes Valley Land Trust.
  • Friend of RM Conservancy.
  • Friend of RMNP..
  • Make a year-end tax-deductible donation that will forever protect the beauty of the Estes Valley.
  • Make a donation in a friend’s name as a thank-you for the weekend they hosted your family in their mountain cabin for your family get-away.
  • Use your imagination and consider the ways in which you wish to support this important mission … we can think of innumerable ways in which we appreciate your support!