Donation Levels

Rainbow Trout  $  25

Pika                  $  50

Deer                  $100

Bear                  $150 

Beaver              $200

Elk                     $250

Moose               $500

Eagle                 $750 

Sasquatch         $1000 +

Yes, I want to help keep our Estes Valley

waters and forests healthy!


The Estes Valley Watershed Coalition is a member supported 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We could not do the work we do without the help and support of our many dedicated members and volunteers. Protect your water and environment by becoming a member today!


Your donation and support will help to:

     • Maintain and improve the health and             safety of our waterways, and

     • Protect our water quality by reducing             forest overgrowth.

These actions are critical to ensure that such devastation is not repeated.

Please donate and become an environmental steward with us, the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition.