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Fish Creek Documents & Designs

9/20/2017 Re-vegetation Event

Restoring the lost natural habitat of Fish Creek was a critical focus along Fish Creek Road, especially for the local beaver population.  The construction of this beaver dam is only one example of many where local volunteers, restoration experts, EVWC, and the local beaver came together to restore a portion of the Estes Valley.

​​2016 Youth Philanthropist of the Year

Have You Seen What's New?

Have you taken a drive down the freshly paved Fish Creek Road or a stroll down the new walking paths lately?   The next time you have a chance to do so, take a closer look at the creek's banks!

Thousands of plants and trees have been planted on the creek banks along with the sowing of grass seed.   Much of this was done by Estes Park High School students and other volunteers.  Fences have also been installed to protect the new plants and grasses from hungry elk.  Volunteers continue to water the plants and seed grasses.  At Cheley Camp our work at restoring Fish Creek is being used as a model by Colorado State University.  Take a closer look at the few pictures to the right from the most recent events!

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Congratulations to the Enriching Estes 'Youth Philanthropist of the Year;' the Estes Park High School Environmental Club! Students worked hard to organize and mobilize 300+ student volunteers to remove trash, invasive species and re-vegetate Fish Creek.

Fish Creek Community


  • In preparation of the 2018 "Monitoring & Maintenance" of the extensive restoration that has occurred along Fish Creek, the EVWC is seeking local Match Donations to help cover operating & maintenance costs from January 2018 - December 2018.  If you would like to help, please click on the DONATE tab to learn more about ways you can help!
  • EVWC partnered with the Estes Park High School to clean-up and re-vegetate Lower Fish Creek; check out the amazing work HERE

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