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Public Outreach

We know it can be frustrating sometimes to see a project occur upstream but not downstream near your home or business.. The master plan for resilience is designed to work on upstream projects first, working downstream towards a specific goal.

If another flood event occurs and upstream mitigation has not been completed, obstacles in the river such as trees, flood debris and even detached homes can lodge and jam against downstream obstacles such as bridges. What does water like to do in such an event? Go around the obstacle, obliterating repair efforts performed out of sequence, flooding your home or business yet again.

EVWC works with agencies such as NRCS, DOLA, CDBG-DR, CWA, CWCB, the Town of Estes Park, Larimer County and more. Going it alone to contact each and every agency over your concern can be challenging and most will refer you back to your local watershed coalition. 

This is why you are encouraged to reach out to your community representatives and become involved in your community plan. Your representatives are here to listen and convey your ideas, support or concerns to the Estes Valley Watershed Board.

Fall River

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What is My Community?

Projects happen in our neighborhoods and communities and we would like to be able to keep everyone informed about developments. 

Here we will be able to post events, plans, project information and ideas that are happening in your area.  You will also be able to post information or suggestions here to make this a truly interactive page.  This will be an evolving page as these interactions develop, but look here first.

Your communities success comes from people like you actively engaging and collaborating on activities. Get involved by clicking on your Community Committee and join in today!