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Protecting Life & Property - Bugle Pointe

​​​​Have you seen the improvements along Fall River at Bugle Point? The reach is located approximately 3 miles upstream from the confluence of the Big Thompson River and the Fall River.....

Bugle Pointe

​​Estes Valley ​Watershed Coalition

The Estes Valley Watershed Coalition will promote an ecologically healthy watershed that also seeks to maximize public benefits and minimizes public risk, through community engagement and sound science.

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​​​​Over the last year, the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition has implemented over $4,000,000 of improvements to Fish Creek, Fall River, and the Big Thompson River, mainly repairing damage from the 2013 flood.....

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The Estes Valley Watershed Coalition is a nonprofit organization that is designed to align watershed restoration and risk mitigation with community and economic development goals using a collaborative, multijurisdictional, holistic approach.  With the unique composure between resort accommodations and residential homes, the Estes Valley faces challenges to incorporate interest from the Fall River, Fish Creek, Upper Big Thompson and Black Canyon watersheds.  The Estes Valley Watershed Coalition will work to advocate and assemble those interests and coordinate those efforts with state and federal entities to see measurable outcomes of the watersheds and stream corridors in the Estes Valley.

The Estes Valley Watershed Coalition will engage and enable citizens of the Estes Valley to achieve safe, ecologically healthy and attractive watersheds which are resilient in design, ensuring resiliency from fluctuating water levels and which contribute to the beauty and benefits of the Estes Valley’s natural resources.

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