Happy Earth Day Estes Park! 

Happy Earth Day!

The Wandering Wildlife Society, a membership group, has been crated to help protect wildlife and their habitat in the Estes Valley.  Through our newsletters and website, members will have access to our wildlife network, a loose coalition among individuals and groups focused on select species. 

No other group in Estes Park actively represents all wildlife and their habitat.


Our Vision is to protect and improve the waters, forests, and wildlife of the Estes Valley Watershed - the headwaters of the Northern Colorado Front Range

This past Wednesday, April 22, 2020, was the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  Even though it was different than previous celebrations, there were many individuals and groups who celebrated.  In 2019, the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition (EVWC) was able to partner with the Alpine Anglers and our Estes Park Elementary with the Trout in the Classroom program.  EVWC and our partners had similar plans for ....  READ MORE

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​​Our Flood Restoration Work

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The Estes Valley Watershed Coalition is a nonprofit organization that is designed to align watershed restoration and risk mitigation with community and economic development goals using a collaborative, multijurisdictional, holistic approach.  With the unique composure between resort accommodations and residential homes, the Estes Valley faces challenges to incorporate interest from the Fall River, Fish Creek, Upper Big Thompson and Black Canyon watersheds.  The Estes Valley Watershed Coalition will work to advocate and assemble those interests and coordinate those efforts with state and federal entities to see measurable outcomes of the watersheds and stream corridors in the Estes Valley.

 Advocating for Healthy and Resilient Rivers

The Estes Valley Watershed Coalition brings together diverse partners and uses the best science to prepare the Estes Valley for future extreme environmental challenges by:

-          Educating the community and visitors
-          Engaging and coordinating volunteers; and
-          Implementing resilient, sustainable solutions

…thereby sustaining the beauty and benefits of our Watershed for all.